Many of the homes surrounding Congregation Beth Tefillah are within the North Fulton Eruv. According to Jewish Law one is permitted to carry on Shabbos only within the confines of the eruv. The boundaries of the eruv are as follows:
These are the boundaries of the North Fulton Eiruv, circumnavigating in a clockwise direction. Beginning on WINDSOR PARKWAY at the fence on the west side of 400, the Eiruv proceeds west on WINDSOR PARKWAY towards ROSWELL ROAD. The Eiruv crosses ROSWELL ROAD (near the Caribou Coffee), where it turns left and continues south along the west side of ROSWELL ROAD to INTERLOCHEN ROAD. It turns right (west) at INTERLOCHEN ROAD, and turns right again onto to LAKE FORREST Drive.

The border continues north on LAKE FORREST DRIVE to MARYEANNA DRIVE. It turns right on MARYEANNA DRIVE and continues east until ROSWELL ROAD, where it turns left and continues briefly north on ROSWELL ROAD to GLENDRIDGE DRIVE. The border turns right on GLENRIDGE DRIVE, and again continues to the east until it reaches HIGH POINT ROAD. At HIGH POINT ROAD, it turns right and continues very briefly south on HIGH POINT ROAD, then relies on a wooden fence just north of RIVOLI CIRCLE. This fence continues without interruption until the GEORGIA 400 FENCE which becomes the eastern border until it intersects WINDSOR PARKWAY, completing the boundary.

Windsor Parkway is now the new southern border of the Eiruv, and is, therefore, considered OUTSIDE of the Eiruv. The eiruv is now completely west of GA 400. Glenridge Drive is entirely OUTSIDE of the Eiruv. Similarly, all the sidewalks along Glenridge Drive are OUTSIDE the Eiruv. The apartments on the south side of the street are in the Eiruv; however, walkers should enter and exit these apartment complexes only via Northland Drive.

Of particular importance are the areas which were previously inside the Eiruv but are now outside, specifically all of Windsor Parkway, including the bridge over GA 400, the area between Windsor Parkway and West Nancy Creek, including all of Powderhorn Road and Canyon Creek Trail, and the area between Windsor Parkway and Weiuca Road. Call (404)843-2464, choose option 3, after 3 p.m. Fridays, for a recorded message.

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