About Chabad

Merkos Linyonei Chinuch Chabad Lubavitch of Georgia, Inc.

Chabad is an acronym for three Hebrew words, Cochma, Binah and Da'as - wisdom, understanding and knowledge. It signifies the philosophy of the movement, which states that in addition to serving G‑d through joy, simple faith, trust and sincerity, one must try in accordance with their abilities, to "know" G‑d through intellectual comprehension, enabling the development of true feelings of love and reverence of G‑d. Chabad is founded on the concept of oneness - acceptance and love for our fellow Jews. This nonjudgmental attitude fosters an environment in which all Jews regardless of background or affiliation are welcome.

Chabad of Georgia serves the Jewish community of Georgia through a variety of progams that include:

Youth Programs
Friendship Circle
Hebrew Schools
Youth Groups
Bar Mitzvah Lessons
Bat Mitzvah Clubs
Teen Clubs
Camp Gan Israel
Adult Education & Programs
Jewish Learning Institutes
Lunch N'Learns
Guest Lecturers
Community Classes
Men's Club
Community Services
Synagogue Centers
Holiday Events & Programs
Mikvah, Kashruth and more...